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MIEP: Modelo Integral de Evaluación de Proyectos

torta del modelo miep

The MIEP is a modeled methodological tool that allows a multidisciplinary integration of all aspects involved from the diagnosis of physical aspects (infrastructures, environment) Functional (legal-institutional- Commercial- Operational – Key Logistics Chains – Market and Demand, allowing to achieve project schemes tested to achieve a management model for the planning, evaluation and structuring of a project.

diagrama del modelo miep

The areas that the model integrates are Operational and Technological Physical Development, Economic and Financial Development and Environmental & Social Development includes Gender Equity in it is analyses. In these same areas AIC diagrams your resources and your main team in the projects.

The MIEP includes a project diagnostic phase with the "Logistics Chain Competitiveness Model": MCCL to validate demand studies at the pre-feasibility and feasibility level.