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Modelo MCCL

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The MCCL has been implemented in more than 30 similar projects in Latin America in public and private sector clients and adopted as a macrologistic cargo planning tool by entities such as public and private; in the study of Multimodal logistical corridors in competitiveness: Key logistics chains. This model also allows to identify the key logistics chains and logistical potential of a logistic node (Ports, Border Crossings, Dry Ports, Logistics Platforms, etc.) and modes of transport (road, rail, river and / or maritimo), quantify the potential demand of the project.

The MCCL, working at the same time with the Operational and Economic Model, allows with initial predimensions to estimate preliminary profitability of the projects at the same time as themacroeconomic and social-environmental benefits of the project at this preliminary level, to advance in successive iterations until finding the Optimo Management Model of the Project and then move on to feasibility and project phases to achieve its implementation.

AIC provides personalized services to its customers t all these stages until they can implement them the same.

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