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Mission and vision

Globalization and the breakthrough of information and communications technologies revolutionized logistics and transport, demanding the development of a highly efficient and coordinated system of nodes and modes, making ports an international trading platform.

To help start new businesses we work in a team with highly experienced professionals trained in infrastructure development and feasibility of investments in the transport sector and who conceptually and philosophically adhere to the realization of an active consultancy, accompanying the client in all stages: strategy, planning, engineering, implementation, and management, with the elaboration of the studies and projects necessary to meet our objective: ACTIVATE CORPORATE INVESTMENTS. Planning pre-Management. The world that thrives today, in the Digital Age and we understand that it will be even more so in the future, develops and develops in knowledge as a fundamental success factor of management whether business or public. This knowledge applied to each sector allows to enter the positive circuit of Continuous Planning: STRATEGY-PLANNING-IMPLEMENTATION.


We work as a team with the client with total confidentiality and from an external, experienced and professional point of view.

We analyze the internal environment and observe what your strengths and weaknesses are when facing a new project.

We study the external environment and the competitive profile of the business, and detect opportunities and threats.

We develop a creative and innovative solution, outlining the strategic lines and the business model to follow that will allow us to achieve the objectives set in the shortest possible time.


The strategic lines defined together put us into action to develop a project idea, elaborate a chronogram of investment needs, plan the consultancy tasks, do the basic and preliminary engineering and study the feasibility of the project that allows the client to make the right decisions and approve the investments to be developed, advancing towards implementation levels.


Once the project is approved, AIC accompanies the client in the technical phase of implementation, such as support in construction management, audits, etc., but also in the economic-financial phase with the search for investors and/or private operators, or making financing possible with multilateral credit organizations or private investors, also injecting capital through mergers and acquisitions of companies.

Development and management

Once the project has been approved, we accompany the client throughout the development process, with quality control of execution and management.

We propose continuous planning and re-engineering that allows us to adopt corrective measures at all times and at the right time to keep up with the dynamics of the business.

Methodological tools

As a working philosophy, AIC develops serious and professionally independent studies that have two fundamental objectives to achieve at the same time:

  • Projects Attractive to Private Investment
  • Positive Macro-Economic and Social-Environmental

This is the true private public synergy that enables sustainable development, and it is the idea that we share as a philosophy of work many years ago at AIC.

To achieve these objectives AIC has its own models as methodological tools that allow to implement the project, and taking advantage of the current technological tools: MIEP

metodología de trabajo


  • bullet Coastal Engineering
  • bullet Port engineering
  • bullet Railroad and road engineering
  • bullet Urban-port development
  • bullet Railway, road, river and maritime transport, airport transport
  • bullet Environment, health and safety


  • bullet Strategic planning
  • bullet Modeling (operational, engineering and economic)
  • bullet Statistics, databases
  • bullet Balanced scorecard/ dashboard
  • bullet Mediciones y estudios de campo
  • bullet Online and face-to-face surveys
  • bullet Workshops


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